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Can 5 percent cash back help Whole Foods compete on price?

Mike Cetera

Like cookies, shopping at Whole Foods is a sometimes treat. This posh grocer has rarely been able to compete on price, so it’s never been my go-to for everyday meal planning. My family shops here typically for special occasions, like…
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How my family flies for nearly free on points

Lyn Mettler

Remember extreme couponing? That was me about 10 years ago! While I didn’t end up with hundreds of items in a stockpile, I did find it a challenge to see how much I could get for free – or even…
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5 signs you’re a credit geek (like me!)

Dawn Papandrea

I’ve always been on the nerdy side, but it’s only in recent years that I’ve become a credit geek. I used to be one of the “cool kids” who was a free spirit spender who didn’t worry about boring subjects…
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Ashes and hearts and other credit news to know this week

Taylor Tompkins

This week’s (un)lucky number is: 91.6 million That’s how many new credit cards were opened in 2017. That’s almost as many as before the economy came crashing down around everyone in 2008. We’ll call that a win for consumer confidence. This…
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Birthdays can be a budget buster

Jeff Herman

Days before my birthday, the phone won’t stop pinging with offers of free desserts, appetizers, shakes and Blizzards to mark my special day. My email is chock full of similar offers, too. Nearly all the annual freebies require an additional…
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