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Survey: More than half of women carry no card debt, like cologne and Johnny Depp

Tyler Metzger

Lesbian sex, abortion, gay marriage and … credit card debt.

That mixed bag of hot-button topics is just a small sampling of what’s in Esquire’s “Survey of American Women,” released in May 2010 issue. The just-for-fun study complied the results of about 10,000 women that took the men’s magazine survey online between Feb. 4 and March 3, 2010.

Most of the questions centered around relationships (If you knew you wouldn’t be caught, would you cheat?), sex (If you were or are a lesbian, what celebrity would you sleep with?) and plain old hawtness (Who’s the best looking man in America? Hint: See picture above.) But readers also got a small peak at the financial habits of today’s Esquire-reading women.

Read on to see what the survey results.

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