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Your SSN is probably on the dark web and other credit news to know this week

Taylor Tompkins

This week’s (un)lucky number is: 143 million That’s how many Social Security numbers or people whose personal information could be floating around on the dark web after Equifax announced a data breach last Thursday, weeks after it happened. Oh, and let’s not…
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Mom’s financial advice sticks for many of us

Connie Prater

What do you remember about what your mom told you about managing your money?

If you’re lucky you had a money-wise mom who taught you the importance of saving something for a rainy day or a nest egg. Not everyone was blessed with such mentoring — from either parent. If that were the case and the advice stuck, we would all be like Warren Buffett, the billionaire investment guru.

A new survey published this week in time for Mother’s Day found that the most popular words of wisdom remembered from mom were: “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Surely, many of us recall this from mom or grandma or some other caregiver, perhaps when we left the water faucet running too long or left an empty room with the lights on.

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