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Fashionable ways to fight identity theft

I’m pleased to announce that shopping for new fashion accessories might be a more valuable activity than you think. Companies around the world are now selling wearable ways to minimize your chances of falling victim to identity theft. From smart wallets to stealthy socks, here are a few of my favorites. Happy shopping!

The iWallet: If James Bond had a wallet, I think he would own the iWallet. This suave-looking contraption reads fingerprints and is unlocked in the same way as an iPhone. However, it won’t respond to just anyone’s touch. The wallet remains locked if the fingerprint does not match the owner’s. Another handy feature is that the wallet links via Bluetooth to the owner’s phone. An alarm will sound if the two devices are separated.

After buying the iWallet, however, you may not have much cash left to put in it. The cheapest model costs $399.

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