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Is Mickey Mouse showing us the future of credit cards?

Tony Mecia

Despite the hype surrounding the Apple Watch, Disney’s MagicBands are already delivering on the promise of wearable payments — and more. But there are still glitches.
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Apple seeks patent that could turn you into a human ATM

Jay MacDonald

Ever aspire to be an ATM?

If it comes to fruition, an Apple app could make it happen.

Apple has applied for a patent that could turn you into a rolling, strolling ATM (think: animated teller machine!) simply by tapping into an GPS-based network that links those with spare cash to those without. The Apple patent application calls it the “Ad-hoc cash dispensing network.” But, if I may make a suggestion to my friends at Apple, I have a catchier name: The iSoBroke app.Apple seeks patent could turn you into an ATM

Here’s how it might work:
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