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Opaque offers make it tough to compare cards

Kelly Dilworth

I recently received an offer for a Premier Rewards Gold charge card from American Express, and despite its $195 annual fee, I nearly applied for it. American Express offered a generous 50,000-point sign-up bonus worth up to $500 if I…
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Meet reverse repo: The new Fed tool to raise your interest rates

Fred Williams

A historic glut of cash in the economy is about to force changes in the way the Federal Reserve controls short-term interest rates — including the variable APRs on credit card balances.
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5 secrets to taking charge of your relationship with your credit card issuer

Philip Taylor

Your relationship with your credit card issuer is a lot like your relationship with the opposite sex. While everyone knows that there are definite, hardcore, non-negotiable rules to courting, dating and marriage, most of us also know that there are many unwritten rules that, if followed, will increase your chances for a successful, loving, relationship.

What many people don’t know is that there are a few unwritten rules that apply to the relationship you have with your credit card company, too.

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6 empty promises credit card companies make

Kalen Smith

Credit card companies know what features their customers are looking for and naturally use the information to make their terms sound as compelling as possible. For example, they may capitalize on existing legislation designed to protect consumers, and they definitely make liberal use of “the fine print” to qualify their glorious-sounding offers.

In other words, many of their policies aren’t as great as they make them out to be, so don’t be fooled. Know what you’re really getting before you sign up. After all, the last thing you want to do is make an important financial decision based on terms that you don’t understand.

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