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What to do if you lose your card while traveling

Jenny Hoff

Traveling abroad makes you inherently vulnerable: You’re in a foreign country, sometimes operating in a different language, figuring out a new currency and hopping around from one uncomfortable hotel bed to another. It’s probably the worst time for your credit…
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App lets your smartphone dial for dollars at ATMs

Jay MacDonald

In a move that may forever alter the meaning of "dialing for dollars," global financial services giant FIS will soon enable ATM users nationwide to call ahead for cash from their smartphones, no debit or credit card required.

The app turns your smartphone into a remote control for your nearest cash machine. If all goes as planned, the shortcut could shave your ATM cash withdrawal time from 30 to 40 seconds down to single digits and make it well-nigh impossible for ID thieves to swipe your account information.

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DNA dye: the new way to mark bank robbers

Jay MacDonald

I’ve been thinking about robbing a bank.
Well, not literally. For that, you’d need something faster than a minivan, more threatening than a golden retriever, and a getaway crew you could trust not to punk you at the curb, bag in hand, while they post the video to YouTube. And frankly, I don’t look good in stripes.
It’s the bank robbery process I’ve been pondering, not the act. And the process has taken a very interesting turn in recent years, thanks to a Stony Brook, N.Y., research firm called Applied DNA Sciences that’s giving cash something it’s never had before: an identity.
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Withdraw $1 from an ATM (and pay a $4 fee)

Jay MacDonald

Chase and PNC are trying out a new "Self-Service Teller", which applies a Transformer makeover to the garden-variety ATM by enabling human customers to receive cash in $5, $1 and even coin denominations. At other ATMs, the smallest change you’ll receive is a 10-dollar bill, with most dispensing only $20 bills.

So yes, it’s true: You can now withdraw $1 from an ATM — and potentially pay a $4 ATM fee for the privilege.

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Entering your PIN in reverse at an ATM still won’t call the cops

Daniel Ray

An old urban myth is getting passed around on by email again, and it’s as false as it ever was, even though there are new, ugly reasons to wish it were true.
The bogus email says that, if you’re ever forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM, you can send a silent alarm to police by punching in your PIN number in reverse.
A series of forced-at-gunpoint robberies may have led to the renewed circulation of this rumor.
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