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My new BFF who fraudulently opened an authorized user card on my account

Sally Herigstad

When I worry about identity theft, I’m likely to worry about someone stealing my cards and going on a spending spree with them. Or maybe someone would open a new account, using my name and Social Security number. Recently, however,…
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‘Beliebe’ in ticket card perks and other credit news to know

Taylor Tompkins

This week’s (un)lucky number is: 30 Despite the pervasive meme that Oprah was fired at 23, there are a lot of youngsters who make me feel pretty lousy about my accomplishments in my 20s. I am going to go ahead and…
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Keeping spring breakers’ charging in check

Erica Sandberg

Woohoo! Millions of American college kids are blowing off steam on spring break, but as a parent, you have both the right and the responsibility to expect financial responsibility – especially if your college-age student is charging on your card.…
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Transaction alerts minimize card theft damage

Julie Sherrier

Late Sunday evening during Thanksgiving weekend, I noticed several credit card transaction text alerts on my phone that occurred that day. And while the transactions were local, they weren’t made by me.

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Young man seeking a good score

Tyler Metzger

After 7 years of using a credit card, I finally meet my credit score. I was emotional to say the least, but there were no tears, only a realization that I should have checked this a long time ago.
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