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Emily’s list: ‘The Biggest Loser’ edition

Emily Crone

I’ve been a fan of the TV show, “The Biggest Loser,” for several years. I love watching people transform their unhealthy habits into a positive lifestyle. It’s tragic that the easiest and cheapest food to obtain, such as pizza, burgers, ice cream and chips, are also the worst for you.

The new season began this week. It was disheartening to see that many of the new contestants are only in their 20s. Thankfully, most haven’t developed chronic diseases yet. People in their 20s are often strapped for cash and tend to think that they have amazing metabolisms even if they don’t. Contrary to popular belief, there are MANY ways to eat healthy without spending a fortune. I have a bad sweet tooth, but in general, I’m a healthy eater. Here are some of my tips.

Read on for my list of my top 10 favorite personal finance blog posts from the past week, several of which touch on making food more affordable.

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Gas prices on the rise

Emily Crone

I graduated college in May 2007, and I started writing for CreditCards.com that fall. Shortly after beginning my job, I noticed that gas prices began to surge. Then the mortgage crisis emerged and the bottom of the economy fell out. It was quite an interesting time to be in the personal finance industry!

The cost of oil continued to soar throughout the beginning of the recession, and nearly everyone I knew began cutting back on driving in some capacity. Here in Texas, where we don’t have very good public transportation, nobody wanted to pay $4 a gallon unless they absolutely had to. More than ever, interest sparked in carpooling and using public transportation more frequently.

Much to everyone’s relief, oil prices eventually fell back down and stayed there for a long time. Just a few months ago, I noticed the prices climbing again, though I hoped it was just a fluke. It didn’t alarm me too much until the last few weeks, when I have noticed it getting closer and closer to $3 a gallon here in Austin. Then, yesterday, I filled up at $3 a gallon. The horror! I immediately felt a panic and realized that if it keeps rising, I will need to combine errands, budget more for gas, and not drive unnecessarily all over again.

I recently read in Huffington Post that John Hofmeister, Shell’s former president, predicts that gas prices will continue to increase as oil demands rise, and he thinks Americans may be paying $5 per gallon of gas in 2012. If that’s true, that will put a huge dent in many of our wallets.

Read on for my roundup of my top 10 favorite personal finance blog posts from the past week!

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