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Bad manners! Restaurants encourage double-tipping

Jenny Hoff

Double-dipping at a restaurant is bad table manners. Equally rude are restaurants that encourage double-tipping. Despite the IRS cracking down on the way automatic gratuities are treated, (they must now be labeled as a service charge, which means for servers…
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Credit card reform law’s impact on campus: ‘What law?’

You see them all around. I was warned at a very young age to avoid them at all costs. I was cautioned never to get too close to the promoters behind … the credit card booths (insert old horror movie scream here).

You know which ones I’m talking about:

“Free Phoenix Suns T-shirt! Just sign here!”

“Trip to Bora Bora? Just sign on the X …”

“Cool hat! But first, I need your address.”

I wanted to see if the passage of the credit card reform law had made a difference on campus. Here’s what I found.

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