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6 free apps to help you spend less, save more

Kelly Dilworth

If you’re like me, the start of a new year is time to recommit to spending less and saving more. For me, that means apps that can make it easier to track expenses and stash away some savings. In recent…
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4 free apps to help you spend less, save more

Kelly Dilworth

Editor’s note: A lot has changed since this 2016 blog post was published. See the more current 6 free apps to help you spend less, save more. Over the past four months, I forgot two credit card payments in a…
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Empty nest, full wallet? Not so fast

Karen Haywood Queen

After 22 years, our nest emptied this summer when our son finished college and left for the Air Force and our daughter began college.  After wiping away a few tears, I put away the tissue and took out my calculator.…
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Emily’s list: More airline fees edition

Emily Crone

On Wednesday, American Airlines got creative and announced a new fee for “Express Seats,” according to a press release. Are these new, fancy seats they’ve installed? Nope — now you just pay extra if you want to sit in one of the first few rows of coach (including the bulkhead seats) on domestic flights.

I assume they use the word “express” since you’re the first group to get off the plane after first class. That’s not all, though: “Customers who purchase an Express Seat are able to board with group 1 of general boarding for their flight, providing them the convenience of being among the first Coach customers on and off the plane,” says the press release. Big deal.

Yikes. When I look up airline prices online, I’m always shocked when I realize how much more it costs after just the basic taxes and fees. Now we have to pay for bags, and then you pay no less than $19 per way to sit toward the front of the aircraft.

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I’m scared of credit cards

Anna Bleker

My not-so-irrational fear of spiraling into eternal debt and high-APR inferno keeps me, at 21, from getting a credit card.
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