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‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ credit card tales of trouble

The tables turn on reality TV Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star Teresa Giudice — and this time she’s not the one flipping them.

No, don’t worry RHNJ fans. She wasn’t arrested for being a “prostitution whore,” but Teresa, the big-haired spendaholic, known for her extravagant shopping sprees and lavish lifestyle, is flat broke.

News recently surfaced that she and husband Giuseppe “Joseph” Giudice filed for bankruptcy in October of last year. The couple is approximately $11 million in debt, according to court documents. Unpaid mortgages and home renovations (some of which the Giudices dispute) constitute a majority of what they owe, but their credit card balances aren’t pretty either. The Giudices owe a staggering $100,000 spread across eight credit cards. Of that, they charged nearly $20,000 in total on their Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom cards alone.

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Britney Spears swipes bodyguard’s credit card

Connie Prater

Britney Spears an ID thief? Celeb uses bodyguard’s credit card to buy boots.
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Britney Spears does something modestly — charge on credit

For a moment, let’s put aside her barefoot romp through a public gas station bathroom, lackluster parenting skills and forgefulness with foundational garments and give Britney Spears — or her father, who is currently managing her spending — a pat on the back for superb budgeting.
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5 wackiest credit card stories in the news

Emily Crone

Between the credit crunch and the prevalence of identity theft, credit cards are frequently in the news. From time to time, however, credit cards result in unexpected and often funny news. Below are five of the wackiest recent credit card stories to hit the press.
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