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Susie gets her Super Bowl tickets

Matt Schulz

Susie Supalo’s six-year quest for Super Bowl tickets came to a joyous end Friday.

Supalo was one of thousands of Bank of America credit cardholders who were stunned by the banking giant’s announcement in July that after August 31, 2010, the reward points they’d earned on their officially licensed NFL credit cards would expire. After the announcement, I wrote a blog on the topic, which prompted this comment from Supalo a few weeks later:

“I have been saving NFL points for 6 years for Super Bowl tickets. I had enough points last Super Bowl for upper level seats but decided not to redeem them because I had been saving for so long I thought I would wait for lower level seats. I have enough points for lower level seats and now I can’t redeem them. Obtaining Super Bowl tickets with my points has been my goal for 6 years. I think BofA and NFL should have given us more notice. I would have redeemed my points last Super Bowl. Is there anything I can do? I feel cheated by the NFL, B of A and the Chicago Bears! How can they get away with this???”

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