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Emily’s list: The rise of the Phoenix edition

Emily Crone

On Oct. 12, the rescue mission finally began to save the 33 Chilean miners who had been trapped half a mile below earth since Aug. 5. In a stunning endeavor watched live around the world, the miners were lifted to the surface one-by-one through a narrow capsule, aptly named Phoenix (Fenix in Spanish) after the mythological bird that rose from the ashes. The last miner was lifted out the night of Oct. 13, and the final rescue worker was lifted out a few hours later.
Amazingly, officials have reported that the majority of the men are in excellent physical and mental condition.

Being in debt can’t truly be compared to being trapped in a mine, but those in massive debt do often have a sense of despair that they will never get out. Severe debt can even cause depression and suicide. It takes a lot of hard work, strict discipline and sometimes the help of professionals, but it is possible to shed your debt and get out of the hole.

Please read on for a roundup of my favorite personal finance blog posts from the past week, many of which offer advice about handling debt.

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