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China’s Alibaba launches big data credit score

Kelly Dilworth

Qualifying for a new loan is about to get easier for the millions of Chinese computer users who don’t yet have a credit card, but regularly go online to shop, pay bills and invest their personal savings.
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A student’s eye view of credit cards in China and the U.S.

I was one of the first college students to get a credit card when I was a freshman at Beijing Foreign Studies University.

But now that I’m studying in the United States, credit cards don’t seem like a must-have.

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Personal finance lessons from China

Julie Sherrier

Could social welfare programs be to blame for Americans’ tendency to save less and spend more?

Two new studies highlight the different attitudes between the Chinese and Americans toward borrowing and saving.

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Chinese university exploits students, regrets nothing

Tyler Metzger

Xidian University in China needs a loan, and they want to sign you up for a credit card to get it. And oh, they don’t see anything wrong with that either.
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Going to the Beijing Olympics? You’d better carry cash

Matt Schulz

Visa is pulling out all the stops to promote itself as being inextricably tied with the upcoming Beijing Olympics. However, if you’re traveling to China this summer to see the Games in person, you may not be able to use that Visa card as much as you might like.
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