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Visa ‘Quick Chip’ added to reduce chip cards’ dip delay

Jay MacDonald

Americans have developed an embarrassing dipping obsession lately with what we perceive to be the interminable transaction-time delay involved when we dip an EMV chip card rather than swipe its mag stripe. I say “perceive” because Visa, for one, insists…
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Even with new card, I don’t feel chipper about Target breach

Susan Ladika

When news of the Target data breach started hitting the headlines in December, I started watching my credit card statement like a hawk.

I was lucky, and surprised, to find I’d come out unscathed (at least so far). Then talk of the security provided by chip-enabled credit cards started making the news, and I chalked up my good fortune to the fact I’d switched last year to a chip-enabled card to ease my European travels. I figured that must have saved me from a world of hurt.

The next surprise came from learning that despite all the hoopla over chip-enabled cards, these kinds of cards currently do nothing to help consumers in cases like this.

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Emily’s list: Chase EMV card edition

Emily Crone

I’ve written numerous times about chip-and-PIN credit cards, but mostly about how it’s frustrating that the technology has been adopted in Europe and Asia, but not in the United States. It makes international travel frustrating.

Some U.S. issuers started making chip-and-PIN cards this year, but they were small and exclusive banks such as the United Nations Federal Credit Union. Today, I’m a happy girl because, according to The Washington Post, Chase rolled out a chip-and-PIN card in November!

Keep on reading for more details and my list of my very favorite personal finance blog posts from the past week.

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