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Emily’s list: Holiday countdown edition

Emily Crone

While Christmas and Hannukah are obviously religious holidays, many nonreligious people such as myself still celebrate the annual gift-giving ritual. Hannukah was very early this month and has already passed, but if you are celebrating Christmas, I hope your shopping is well under way–Christmas Eve is one week from today! Luckily, you have some great last-minute options, like gift cards that can be printed out or delivered via email, or homemade crafts.

Each year, many of us go into credit card debt in order to buy hundreds of dollars of gifts (if not more) for our friends, family and loved ones each holiday season. If we would only start saving for the next Hannukah or Christmas as soon as this one is over, we could avoid this problem, but it’s so hard to rationalize saving for them again when the winter season isn’t even over yet. This New Year’s, I think I’m going to resolve to start shoveling away a tiny amount of cash each month for the next holidays so that I’ll be totally prepared when they arrive. Would you do the same?

Please read on for my roundup of some of the best personal finance blog posts from the past week, including several with great ideas for holiday gifts.

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