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Bribing kids with gift cards? I’m down with that

Matt Schulz

Every parent in America has bribed — errrr, encouraged — their child to do something.

Get good grades and we’ll take you for ice cream.

Sit quietly through church and you can have 30 extra minutes of TV time.

Now, however, parents aren’t the only ones making these types of moves. More and more, it is the schools or churches themselves.

Their enticement of choice: gift cards.

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Criminal Charges: Volume XIV

Jeremy Simon

Welcome to the latest installment of my weekly collection of stories of credit card fraud and other crimes of the plastic persuasion. Today we have stolen breast augmentation and liposuction, a church secretary who took more than just dictation and some people who aren’t above stealing from needy kids.
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Saved by the gas card

Emily Crone

A church in Washington prays for gas prices to go down and nothing happens. A church in Georgia decides to take action and raffle off $500 gas cards to those who attend services.
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