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Heidi Montag’s intentionally stiff comedy performance plugs consumer protection

Who knew someone with trouble moving her jaw could do jaw-dropping comedy?

An online video clip featuring reality-TV star Heidi Montag has already received more than 1 million views and is burning up the celebrity blogosphere since its posting on Tuesday. But Montag, famous for her stint on MTV’s “The Hills,” (and more recently for her numerous plastic surgeries) isn’t peddling a new reality show or designer clothing line. Rather, the clip shows Montag, decked out in diamonds and a skin-tight dress, pushing for consumer protection.

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Satire lobby lines up SNL ‘ex-presidents’ for consumer protection

Daniel Ray

What could bring together an all-star cast of “Saturday Night Live” presidential doppelgangers?

The issue of consumer protection.

Seven stars and ex-stars of the long-running NBC comedy got together for an unusual, and sometimes side-splitting, political effort in a special video made for the Web site Funny or Die.

In the video Obama, played by Fred Armisen, emerges from a smoke-filled bathroom to engage in a bedside chat with the First Lady Michelle Obama (Maya Rudolph) to have a bedtime chat about — what else? — financial institutions, deregulation and consumer protection.

“These banks and the credit card companies are ripping off the people with almost no regulations,” Obama complains. “I’m trying to make a consumer agency to protect families and the lobbyists and Senator Shelby acts like I’m trying to change the national anthem to ‘I Got 99 Problems and the B**** Ain’t One of Them.'”

Yes, it does get raunchy, but in a PG-13, maybe a mild R sort of way.

As he and Michelle settle back in bed, the string of ex-presidents parade into the bedroom, all exhorting him to find a way to pass the consumer protection law.

The segment, directed by Ron Howard, brings back Dana Carvey as George H.W. Bush, Dan Ackroyd as Jimmy Carter with a few extra peanuts stuffed in him, Chevy Chase as the ever bumbling Gerald Ford, Darrell Hammond as the ever ribald Bill Clinton, Jim Carrey as Ronald Reagan and Will Ferrell — co-founder of Funny or Die — as George W. Bush.

Credit card issuers get special satirical attention.

“When I put the Iraq war on my credit card, I never dreamed I’d be paying 28 percent in interest rates. It’s astronomical,” whines Ferrell/Bush.

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