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Why I opted out of credit card arbitration – and you should too

Fred Williams
Why I opted out of arbitration - and you should too

For the most up to date information, see this article on how to avoid mandatory arbitration. When I signed up for my Citi Double Cash card, I was torn. I liked the 2 percent reward rate, without the headaches of…
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Credit card contract database gets makeover, but still needs more work under the hood

Connie Prater

It looks like regulators at the Federal Reserve Board were listening when consumer groups and others lambasted a new database of credit card agreements that debuted in May 2010.

Five months after its less-than-stellar debut, the database has had a quiet makeover.But don’t get your hopes up too quickly.

I still can’t find my individual credit card agreement on the Fed’s site. I searched in vain for my Citi Forward card agreement. No luck for me on that one, but others may have better luck, depending on the issuer and how many of their contracts are posted on the Fed’s site.

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Penalty rate disclosures disappear, along with my trust

Connie Prater

“What can we do to make our credit card your No. 1 card?”

I was stumped by the question posed by a cheery-voiced customer service rep last week. I had called my credit card issuer to request a copy of the credit card agreement for one of my cards.

My colleague Jeremy M. Simon was writing an article about how several credit card issuers, including Bank of America, were no longer revealing penalty interest rates to potential and existing customers and he wanted to see an agreement.

For those who don’t know, a penalty interest rate is the rate that you will be charged if you screw up and miss payments. It is a higher rate than the normal APR for purchases. It’s also known as a default rate.

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