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Jesse Jackson Jr.’s demise came by credit card

Jay MacDonald

When fallen U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. cut short his political career, he did so with a credit card.

Jackson, the former Democratic representative from Illinois and eldest son of civil rights leader and Democratic presidential candidate Rev. Jesse Jackson, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court Wednesday to misusing $750,000 in campaign contributions to fund a lavish lifestyle. Jackson’s wife Sandi also pleaded guilty to filing false income tax returns from 2006 to 2011, the years in which Jackson was dipping into his campaign fund.

Prosecutors have recommended a prison term of 46 to 57 months for Jackson, who is scheduled to be sentenced June 28.

"For years I lived off my campaign," a tearful Jackson told the court. And thanks to the convenience of credit cards, the living was indeed easy.

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Diddy gets his AmEx Black Card swiped

Jeremy Simon

Think being wealthy, successful and having a clever nickname will keep you safe from identity theft? Think again.

Diddy — formerly known as P. Diddy, formerly formerly known as Puff Daddy and legally known as Sean Combs — recently fell victim to an identity thief who stole Diddy’s American Express Black Card information, TMZ.com reports. If that wasn’t bad enough, the thief posted Diddy’s AmEx card information online this week for the entire web browsing world to see.

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Kenneth I. Starr, Arnie Klein in big money trouble

Ann Brenoff

Kenneth I. Starr, accountant to the stars, has bilked celebrity investor clients out of millions of dollars and is now facing jail and bankruptcy. And dermatologist to the stars, Arnie Klein, who treated the likes of Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor, has also filed for bankruptcy protection.

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Actor James Woods nabs his own credit card bandit

Julie Sherrier

Actor James Woods didn’t wait for his credit card company or the authorities to nab a fraudster who charged up thousands of dollars on his credit card — he tracked down the culprit himself.
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Criminal Charges: Volume V

Jeremy Simon

In this week’s edition of Criminal Charges, I put the spotlight on two types of credit card crime: One is a frequent (and easily preventable) form of straightforward card theft, while the other involves aluminum foil, ladders and gas station satellite dishes.
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