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Card issuer’s clarity on fees is a little scary, too

John Egan

You certainly can learn a lot about your credit cards when you read the documents that card issuers send in the mail – documents that we often discard as junk mail. Case in point: The “Clarity Commitment” I recently received…
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It’s raining cats, dogs and luxury cards, and other credit news to know this week

Taylor Tompkins

This week’s (un)lucky number is: 173 million A good, math-backed guess of the number of people who probably won’t be able to see the total eclipse next Monday. But there’s still time to save yourself from being one of those losers…
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4 things I wish I learned about credit sooner

Sienna Kossman

As a recent college graduate who has entered the workforce armed with both credit and debt, I’m learning a lot about credit that really would’ve been useful a few years ago. Had I known what I know now, I could have saved myself some worry and eased into the credit world a little more smoothly.
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Emily’s list: Halloween edition

Emily Crone

BOO! It’s Halloween, and that means it’s time to get scared. But are your bank accounts and credit card statements frightening you instead of haunted houses and horror movies? Read these posts from the best of the personal blogosphere to help you face your financial fears.
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Gas station owners challenge credit card fees

Jeremy Simon

Summer driving season is upon us, with gas prices and tempers both running high. To show their anger over credit card fees they say are boosting fuel costs and erasing profits, gas station owners are taking action.
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