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4 stupid mistakes I made after suspecting card fraud

Julie Loffredi

“Hi, I’d like to report a fraud….” I’ve made plenty of calls to the fraud departments of my card issuers in recent years. Crooks seem to have a knack for stealing my card info, and unauthorized charges have turned up…
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Card hacking tops list of crime concerns

Sienna Kossman

The majority of consumers are more afraid of falling victim to a retail data breach than getting burglarized, mugged or even murdered, according to a new Gallup survey.
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Why banks stop your purchases (and what you can do about it)

Matt Schulz

Like it or not, your credit card company is watching what you buy, where you buy it and just how much you spend on it.

One of the big reasons for this: sniffing out fraud.

In the wake of huge headline-grabbing breaches at Target, Michael’s and other retailers, banks are constantly on the lookout for purchases that might seem strange or out of character for a particular credit card holder. Oftentimes, they’ll call or text a cardholder if something looks unusual. They’ll even decline a purchase if it seems iffy.

But what exactly makes a purchase look sketchy?

Don’t know? Don’t feel bad. According to the latest CreditCards.com survey, many of your fellow cardholders don’t either.

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Limits to Death Master File won’t save credit zombies

Kelly Dilworth

In an effort to combat identity theft, U.S. lawmakers have restricted access to the Social Security Administration’s infamous Death Master File.
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Prices falling for cybercriminal supplies

Fred Williams

Prices are falling for sensitive personal data, making identity thieves merry. But there are ways to thwart digital intruders, if you have cyber discipline.
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