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Visa’s new branding sound wants to win you over

Jay MacDonald

Soon, when you pay using your Visa card, instead of hearing that eerie and familiar beep coming from the payment terminal, you might, or might not, hear a heartwarming chime. The new sound is Visa’s latest brainstorm in the card…
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How rewards card experts manage their payments

Dawn Papandrea

Points hackers – you know, the ones who earn free flights, hotel rooms and luxurious perks from their credit card spend – know just how to maximize their plastic. They use it for everyday purchases, pile their bills onto their…
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Square launches faster card swipe machine

Kelly Dilworth

Several months ago, my favorite coffee shop in Austin switched from using a traditional credit card reader to the free Square device that attaches to an iPhone. I groaned when I saw it. Every time I swipe my card through a Square reader, the whole transaction feels slower and more cumbersome and often takes a few tries to get right.

This week, Square introduced a new product, the Square Stand, designed to fix that problem and make transactions faster and more seamless.

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