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New year, new you and other credit news to know

Taylor Tompkins

This week’s (un)lucky number is: $384 million The Powerball lottery number is up to $384 million. Why is this unlucky, you may ask? Well besides your chances of winning being slim-to-none, you probably shouldn’t try to buy your Powerball ticket with…
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A tip of the hat to tip-free restaurants

Jenny Hoff

I had my first experience at a tip-free restaurant, and it was great — as in absolutely no difference in the quality of service I received. I wrote in a previous post about the tipping phenomenon at coffee shops that…
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Credit card receipts: Where do they go?

Fred Williams

When merchants dispose of credit card receipts, the dumpster or recycling bin is fair game. Is there a gap in protection waiting for ID thieves to find and exploit? Or is that moment of anxiety unfounded when you leave the “merchant copy” slip lying on the table?
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