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What helping the homeless is teaching me about credit

Erica Sandberg

What do homeless people need to know about credit? Don’t they have more important things to think about? It turns out that many of the homeless need what everybody else in America needs: credit information and guidance that will help…
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College students don’t graduate with credit knowledge

Sienna Kossman

Soon-to-be college graduates are eager to get their diplomas, start a job and begin their post-grad life, but many don’t feel equipped with enough financial and credit knowledge to do so — and some think colleges and universities are to…
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Get smart about credit: Stop. Think. Save!

Emily Crone

While it’s mostly impossible to get by in modern-day American life without a credit card, there is no required education on credit. Many consumers find themselves into deep debt merely because they weren’t taught how to manage money . That’s why I was delighted to hear that the Family Credit Counseling Service based in Rockford, Ill. has launched an educational campaign called Stop. Think. Save!
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