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CFPB report opens window on card approvals, credit limits

Fred Williams

What are the odds of getting a credit card if your credit score isn’t so hot? And what about the size of your credit limit?
The federal government’s consumer financial watchdog unpacked some big data in a report out today, answering those questions and several others.
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5 secrets to taking charge of your relationship with your credit card issuer

Philip Taylor

Your relationship with your credit card issuer is a lot like your relationship with the opposite sex. While everyone knows that there are definite, hardcore, non-negotiable rules to courting, dating and marriage, most of us also know that there are many unwritten rules that, if followed, will increase your chances for a successful, loving, relationship.

What many people don’t know is that there are a few unwritten rules that apply to the relationship you have with your credit card company, too.

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Will cash become king again?

Julie Sherrier

What the credit landscape will look like in the coming years is anyone’s guess, but experts warn that those with good credit will find access to it harder to come by and those cash-strapped consumers relying on credit to get by will get hit even harder.
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Survey: Vegas is tops in debt but isn’t alone

Matt Schulz

A new survey has dubbed Las Vegas “Debt Central.” However, when you’re talking specifically about credit card-related debt, the same report shows that consumers living in far less glamorous places — like Anchorage, Alaska, and Corpus Christi, Texas — are far worse off than those in Sin City.
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