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A little credit pep talk and other credit news to know this week

Taylor Tompkins

This week’s (un)lucky number is: 2.67 percent  That’s the number of bank card accounts that were 30 days or more late on a payment. We’re a bit down for the count compared to last year, team. You need to strive to…
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Worry about a score drop to low 800s? Not really.

John Egan

A friend of mine – we’ll call him David – has been obsessing recently over a drop in his credit score. You see, David says his score declined to the low 800s after he paid off his mortgage. Wait a…
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How to avoid Fyres that can burn you

Erica Sandberg

The flames of April’s Fyre Festival have begun to die down, but the reputation of the failed fest’s co-founder was singed years before by an elite card that wasn’t what it seemed. Though some stories in 2014 about Billy McFarland’s…
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VantageScore rolls out ‘trendy’ new scoring model

Brady Porche

VantageScore will soon begin using “trended data” in its credit scores — a first among the major scoring models. The credit scoring firm this month rolled out VantageScore 4.0, a new update to its formula that will be released in…
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5 teaching tips on opening a credit card

Sienna Kossman

A few weeks back, my boyfriend Steven came in from getting the mail and was ecstatic about a pre-approved card offer he received. The card offer boasted a year-long, 0 percent introductory rate and would be perfect for financing his…
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