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Suze Orman’s debit card: Is it a good thing?

Sally Herigstad

Suze Orman came out with her own debit card this week, called the Approved Card. It’s received a lot of attention — not all of it positive. Some people are aghast that a personal finance expert would push her own product to her loyal following. I have no problem with that. I don’t even mind her making lots of money on it. But it had better be a good deal at the same time.

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Emily’s list: Successful women edition

Emily Crone

It’s interesting to me that women who are hard-working and financially responsible are some of the best potential mates, but some men seem to have trouble getting serious with women who make more or have better careers. Come on, guys — let’s celebrate the ladies instead of being scared of them! Who cares if you have credit card debt or are still in the early stages of your career. We can love you just as much anyway. I should know; my husband is in law school!

Read on for my list of my favorite personal finance blog posts from the past week.

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BofA debit card fee backlash

Julie Sherrier

Boy, did that backfire.

I’m talking about Bank of America’s new policy of charging its debit-card-using customers $5 a month for that privilege.

And I bet Citi, Wells Fargo and Chase are breathing a huge sigh of relief for just “testing” the debit-card-fee waters in a few states instead of doing what BofA did in one fell swoop.

The reaction from consumers is pretty hostile.

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Emily’s list: What’s in my wallet edition

Emily Crone

I think a peek into someone’s wallet says a lot about them. I realized I haven’t ever really stopped to share what’s in my wallet.

What’s in yours? Your thoughts about what it should or shouldn’t contain may change when you check out this list of my favorite personal finance reads from the past week.

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Is it a turkey? Kardashian Kard blog makes Thanksgiving carnival

Connie Prater

Our blog about the potential pitfalls of the new Kardashian Kard prepaid card was selected for this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance.

Hosted by Sweating The Big Stuff, the 284th edition of the personal finance carnival featured a Thanksgiving theme.Categories included The Turkey, Football, Family, Shopping and the Wishbone.

The Kardashian blog reports the growing concerns, expressed by Consumers Union and others, about the prepaid card. Critics say they worry that impressionable young people will sign up for the card, which is marketed by celebrity sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian to teens and young professionals.

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