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You can now apply for credit by sending a text

Brady Porche

Applying for credit while shopping for a car or a new TV is now as simple as texting “LOL” to your BFF. Credit bureau Experian recently unveiled Text for Credit, a new service for lenders that allows consumers to apply…
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Deferred-interest medical cards can be dangerously enticing

Kelly Dilworth

It’s easy to bemoan how expensive medical cards are when you’ve got enough time to read through the terms and carefully do the math. But when you’re in the heat of the moment and making a snap decision about care, a card that offers quick interest-free financing can, for an instant, seem like a lifesaver.
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ABC’s ‘The Middle’ takes a jab at the evils of deferred interest

Connie Prater

Watch out for deferred interest offers. As TV show comically depicts, “no interest until” offers can be costly if you’re not careful.
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