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Why my kid’s extracurricular activities won’t be like mine

Kelly Dilworth

Ever since we learned we were having a baby last spring, my husband and I have been obsessed with saving money. I’d always imagined enrolling my kids in the same kinds of summer and after-school enrichment programs I enjoyed growing up. But now that our son is here, I’m beginning to realize my own kids may not be so lucky.
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5 ways to be ‘credit smart’ this week

Sienna Kossman

It never hurts to learn a new budgeting method or how to invest for retirement, but it’s just as important for your financial well-being to learn how to build and maintain good credit.
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U.S News showcases my ‘credit education’ blog

Jeremy Simon

You may have heard about “Credit Educator,” a new service from credit bureau Experian that offers one-on-one credit education by phone. For a cost of $29.95, consumers can speak with a specially trained Experian representative who can answer questions about the consumer’s credit score and report.

I’ve written about the topic before for CreditCards.com (check out “Experian gets personal to teach about credit, but it’ll cost you”), but more recently discussed the topic for U.S. News & World Report’s “My Money” blog.

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