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Farewell, urgent, misspelled appeals: Nigerian email scam dying off

Daniel Ray

Farewell, noble scion of a Libyan oil fortune; I shall miss your misspellings. Adieu, widowed princess of a diamond-producing country with troubled politics and tortured syntax.
For decades, I have enjoyed and destroyed your urgent entreaties to rescue you and your vast, somewhat shady fortune. I always thought it odd that I could be of service only if I would give you my bank account information, but no matter anymore.
A scam, known today as the Nigerian or 419 scam, is going away.
So says the Federal Trade Commission, which again this year has published its list of biggest consumer complaints.
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Consumers, bank customers on alert following major email theft

Jeremy Simon

The next email bearing my bank’s logo could very well be from a hacker.

Earlier today, Chase sent an email warning of a major theft that could affect me and other bank customers. “Chase is letting our customers know that we have been informed by Epsilon, a vendor we use to send emails, that an unauthorized person outside Epsilon accessed files that included email addresses of some Chase customers,” the email said.

Chase explained that although some customer email addresses were compromised in the breach, the stolen information “did not include any customer account or financial information. Based on everything we know, your accounts and confidential information remain secure.”

Based on news reports, Chase customers aren’t the only ones who have been victimized.

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