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4 money lessons I learned this school year

Dawn Papandrea

Raising school-aged children is expensive. I mean, you can easily blow your budget on fidget spinners alone! As another school year comes to a close, my kids and I have learned a lot, including a few money-related lessons. Here are…
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5 money lessons from TV’s ‘Nashville’

Susan Johnston Taylor

Set amidst the cutthroat country music scene, the hit TV series “Nashville” features money-embezzling ex-husbands and country superstars signing bad contracts and spending with abandon. The show, which returns to CMT for the second half of its fifth season this…
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5 money-saving credit card tips for savvy family travelers

Stephanie Zito

Credit card rewards are a great way for families to earn points and miles to help offset the cost of summer vacations, spring break trips, and family getaways with the kids. While I don’t travel with kids myself, every week…
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Don’t wait to talk to aging parents about money

Kelly Dilworth

When should you start talking with your aging parents about their money? According to new research in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society, you may want to have that talk sooner that you might have expected. The study tracked…
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5 personal finance podcasts that will make you smarter

Jeff Herman

There are dozens of personal finance podcasts – some from big names (Dave Ramsey) and well-known brands (Freakonomics) – but the ones I like best mix humor, honesty and news I can use. If I laugh a bit while I…
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