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How points helped with our spring break trip to the Caribbean

Lyn Mettler

Our family has never been to the Caribbean, and with my youngest son dying to do his first scuba dive once he turned 10 in January, a spring break getaway was on our radar. From on our radar to reality…
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7 financial topics to discuss before you have kids

Kelly Dilworth

When my husband and I first started talking about whether we were ready for a second child or if we were permanently one and done, we mostly steered clear of talking about our finances. For us, it felt uncomfortable to…
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Money and credit games to play with the kids

Erica Sandberg

A family vacation can be costly. If you satisfy your children’s every wish, you’ll spend more than you intend, which can turn into excess credit card debt. Instead of dragging everyone down with a long list of denials, how about…
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