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How to use your year-end credit summary to set new goals

Dawn Papandrea

How do you plot a brighter financial future? For me, it helps to look into the past. My credit card year-end summary can be eye-opening, frightening and useful for setting goals. If your card issuer offers a year-end summary, study…
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Emily’s list: Snooping spouses edition

Emily Crone

Money ethics has always interested me. What some people think is normal is SO different from what others find acceptable, and sometimes you don’t realize that until it comes up in passing.

I read a Q&A article on CNN this week that explores the legalities and ethical considerations lurking behind 14 tricky financial situations. One that really interested me asks, “Can I check up on my spouse’s credit card and bank account balances?” That one stumped me a bit (give me a break, I haven’t even been married for a year yet).

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