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4 financial behaviors that can drain your wallet

Kelly Dilworth

You may like to think of yourself as a rational steward of your money, but behavioral scientists say a wide array of psychological quirks and behavioral biases can cause people to make poor financial decisions. As a result, we often…
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Financial mistakes? It could be a case of TMI

Fred Williams

The report is out, and it’s official: We don’t necessarily suffer from a lack of information when we make decisions about money. Often, what we suffer from is too much information — it’s just not in a language we can understand.
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Financial missteps and fraud foster fear, distrust

Julie Sherrier

What was the worst financial mistake you’ve ever made?
If you’ve never had a big money mishap, you’re in the minority and should pat yourself on the back.
According to a new report, “The Financial Status and Decision-Making of the American Middle Class,” by the Consumer Federation of American (CFA) and Primerica, 67
percent of middle-class Americans admits to having made a “really bad financial decision” and almost half made more than one.
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