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Capital One unveils chatbot that loves emojis

Taylor Tompkins

Capital One is hoping its new chatbot can help you with everyday banking and credit questions – and maybe even get you out of a financial jam – all by using emojis. The company unveiled its first chatbot Friday, the…
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Biometric scanner lets you pay bar tab by giving the finger

Jay MacDonald

Should a new biometric scanner making its debut next month at a London nightclub catch on, you may one day be able to pay your bartender by giving them the finger. No, not that finger, Einstein; your index finger! What…
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Can fintech revolution preserve consumer protections?

Fred Williams

At a daylong forum about new banking technology, one question electrified the audience. “Do consumers still need a bank?” asked Grovetta Gardineer, a senior staffer at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the 153-year-old regulator of national banks.…
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