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Identity theft: 4 ways to cut your risk

Kelly Dilworth

My sister asked me recently if I thought she should freeze her credit indefinitely so that an identity thief couldn’t open any accounts in her name. The reason for her question: She had received an unsettling letter in the mail…
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My new BFF who fraudulently opened an authorized user card on my account

Sally Herigstad

When I worry about identity theft, I’m likely to worry about someone stealing my cards and going on a spending spree with them. Or maybe someone would open a new account, using my name and Social Security number. Recently, however,…
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6 ways to reduce your risk of skimmer fraud

Dawn Papandrea

When you hit the road this summer, be on the lookout for card skimmers at gas pumps, ATMs and payment terminals that are poised to steal your credit and debit card information. Skimmers are devices placed over a card payment…
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How to avoid Fyres that can burn you

Erica Sandberg

The flames of April’s Fyre Festival have begun to die down, but the reputation of the failed fest’s co-founder was singed years before by an elite card that wasn’t what it seemed. Though some stories in 2014 about Billy McFarland’s…
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4 Cyber Monday credit card shopping tips

Sienna Kossman

It’s time to make a list, check it twice, and fill your online shopping carts on Cyber Monday. In fact, Cyber Monday 2016 is expected to be the largest online shopping day of all time, according to Adobe’s 2016 Digital Insights…
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