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Lessons from an erroneous fraud alert

Karen Haywood Queen

My credit card was declined when I tried to charge $750 worth of groceries for a church retreat. The culprit: bad fraud analytics. Here’s what I learned from the embarrassing experience.
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Cayman Islands ex-premier on trial over credit card splurges, sloppy accounting

Jay MacDonald

Serving as the elected leader of the Cayman Islands is no day at the beach.
Just ask William McKeeva Bush (no relation to the American political family), the first and now former premier of the Caymans, whose term in office ran from his election in May 2009 until his arrest and subsequent ouster from office in December 2012.
Bush is currently being tried on 11 counts related to charging nearly $50,000 at hotels and casinos in Florida, Las Vegas and the Bahamas to his government credit card during his first year in office. He also faces three counts of importing explosives without a valid permit; no word on whether he charged them.
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3 advantages of a 90-day fraud alert

Sienna Kossman

Last week I came home to a notice from the police department stuck on my apartment door about reported mail theft in my immediate area. The notice explained that two incident reports have been filed and outlined several steps individuals can take to protect themselves if they think sensitive information might be compromised. One of the suggestions was to place a fraud alert on your credit. If you have never used a 90-day fraud alert to protect your credit in the event of actual or potential fraud, I suggest doing so for these reasons:
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Don’t dodge those credit card company calls; they could be warning you of fraud

Connie Prater

In the words of Blondie’s Deborah Harry, “Call me” if you’re trying to alert me to credit card fraud.
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