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CreditCards.com: The EP

Tyler Metzger

We keep it real at CreditCards.com, and that’s something I like to flaunt. We got tricked-out cubicles, doubled-stacked Google listings and a kitchen full of mad-legit noms. So mad-legit, in fact, that my co-worker and I decided to write a song or two about our employment.

Inside this blog post, you’ll find the very first CreditCards.com EP. For those who don’t know, EP stands for extended play, and contains more songs than a single, but not as much as a full-length album.

We made two songs: “CreditCards.com,” which discusses credit card swag, SEO, iStock and everything else that makes our work so awesome, and “Pancakes and Sausage on a Stick,” a sobering love ballad about a very important member of our team that sometimes goes missing.

We also took the time to craft a video for “CreditCards.com” so you could get a glimpse of what really goes on in our offices. It’s full glistenin’ rims, life sized credit card clothing, boardroom arguments, and lots of cameos of the editorial and marketing team. Check it out!

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