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Survey: More than half of women carry no card debt, like cologne and Johnny Depp

Tyler Metzger

Lesbian sex, abortion, gay marriage and … credit card debt.

That mixed bag of hot-button topics is just a small sampling of what’s in Esquire’s “Survey of American Women,” released in May 2010 issue. The just-for-fun study complied the results of about 10,000 women that took the men’s magazine survey online between Feb. 4 and March 3, 2010.

Most of the questions centered around relationships (If you knew you wouldn’t be caught, would you cheat?), sex (If you were or are a lesbian, what celebrity would you sleep with?) and plain old hawtness (Who’s the best looking man in America? Hint: See picture above.) But readers also got a small peak at the financial habits of today’s Esquire-reading women.

Read on to see what the survey results.

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Study: Men’s overspending hardwired from caveman days

Daniel Ray

When men compulsively overspend, new research asserts, we’re not simply being irresponsible. We’re also responding to instincts our caveman ancestors developed to win mates. And it still works.
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