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Ticket resellers’ new hurdle: purchase-card verification

Taylor Tompkins
To thwart ticket scalpers, you may need to show your card

One of my roommates sat next to his computer, poker face thoroughly intact and credit card in hand, as he anxiously refreshed the page. He was waiting to buy Lady Gaga tickets since she jumped off a roof at the…
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5 ways to keep your elite travel status

Erica Sandberg

If you’re like me, you’ve racked up so many air miles and points that you’ve earned some perks at the airport (lounge access, for example). That’s wonderful, but know that your elite status for 2017 will be fixed the moment…
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5 reasons I prefer credit cards for my travels

Julie Loffredi

I am so horrible with cash, they might just title any TV series about me “Have Cards – Will Travel.” How bad is my money mess? There is always a pool of pennies in the bottom of my purse, and…
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How I beat coupons with discount gift cards

Karen Haywood Queen

Every week, I’d spend about 30 minutes clipping and ripping coupons from the Sunday newspaper. They piled up everywhere — in the car, on my desk and, rarely, in my coupon book. But at most I’d save $10. Then I discovered discount gift cards.

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Bribing kids with gift cards? I’m down with that

Matt Schulz

Every parent in America has bribed — errrr, encouraged — their child to do something.

Get good grades and we’ll take you for ice cream.

Sit quietly through church and you can have 30 extra minutes of TV time.

Now, however, parents aren’t the only ones making these types of moves. More and more, it is the schools or churches themselves.

Their enticement of choice: gift cards.

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