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Baby bonds are bygone, buy something better

Kristie Aronow

In a nod to tradition, I decided to give my newest nephew something I thought to be a fiscally relevant and easy-to-purchase investment: a savings bond. It turns out savings bonds are neither. Due to poor interest rates and purchasing hassles introduced when they went digital, bonds have become relics in the gift giving world.
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Emily’s list: Wikileaks edition

Emily Crone

The huge news of the past week has been the release of classified documents through the site Wikileaks. The thousands of private diplomatic cables that were released reveal foreign policy strategies, military secrets, embarrassingly candid opinions of global leaders and more. Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder, is being pursued by numerous legal entities.

Some the leaks that made the biggest splash were requests from the State Department that diplomats should collect information from their foreign counterparts. They “show Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her predecessor Condoleezza Rice asking diplomats to collect data ranging from Internet passwords to DNA and iris scans,” according to USA Today. Other pieces of data that was encouraged to be collected was credit card numbers, frequent flier numbers, work schedules and fingerprints. Critics have come out and said that this borders on asking diplomats to be spies.

What do you think? Is it reasonable for diplomats to collect others’ credit card numbers? Please read on for my roundup of my favorite personal finance blog posts from the past week, including several great ones about affordable holiday gift shopping.

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