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Hackers target financial data’s new weak spot: you

Fred Williams

As corporate networks fill their security holes, digital wrongdoers are shifting to a softer target to steal card numbers and account passwords. And by “soft,” we mean “you.”
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Sony PlayStation data breach: Hackers claim they have 2.2 million credit card numbers

Daniel Ray

News organizations that have sniffed around hacker chatrooms say that some of their denizens are offering 2.2 million credit card numbers they say they hacked from Sony PlayStation’s database of online users.

Sony, meanwhile, is trying to reassure its customers, saying there’s still no evidence that the card numbers were hacked, and besides, they were stored in an encrypted fashion.
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Heartland Payment Systems data breach claims a victim: me

Emily Crone

When I learned last week about what may have been the world’s largest data breach, I knew there were going to be potentially millions of victims. What I didn’t expect is that I may be one of them.
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Feds charge 11 in largest identity theft case in U.S. history

Matt Schulz

Barnes & Noble shoppers beware. Your credit card information may have been stolen in a complex international plot that seems right out of a best-selling crime novel.
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