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Emily’s list: Helen Keller edition

Emily Crone

On this day in 1968, Helen Keller passed away at the age of 87. According the American Foundation for the Blind, she was born healthy, but fell ill at 19 months and became both deaf and blind. While she was initially shut off from the world, a young woman named Anne Sullivan became Keller’s teacher and taught her how to communicate.

With the assistance of Sullivan, Keller attended and graduated from Radcliffe College. She went on to write books, travel all over the world, join political causes, and participate in organizations to help people with disabilities.

What does this have to do with personal finance? I find that stories like this remind me not to take anything for granted and to always do my best. Helen Keller started her life utterly disadvantaged, but she ended up becoming a legendary hero who viewed nothing as impossible. She looked past her massive obstacles and accomplished more in several years than most of us do in a lifetime.

I hope you’ll keep on reading and enjoy my list of my 10 favorite blog posts from the personal finance blogosphere this week!

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