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Bidding spirited for Kurt Cobain credit card

Jay MacDonald

Though we didn’t hear it often during his reign as the chain-smoking, bed-haired, cardigan-clad enfant terrible of Seattle’s grunge rock scene, a few hoarse chuckles from the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain are no doubt hovering over the latest celebrity online auction. If anything could tickle Cobain’s funny bone, it would have been the sight of his old SeaFirst Bank Visa credit card going to the highest bidder at “Legendary: Memorabilia from Rock Gods & Pop Stars,” presented by auctioneer Paddle8 through Feb. 26.
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Bad attitude, good credit score

Jeremy Simon

Are you a mean, no-good jerk? Then you are more likely to have a good credit score.

According to a study released Wednesday, people with bad attitudes tend to have higher credit scores, the numbers used by lenders to determine whether to loan money and how much interest to charge. Researchers from Louisiana State University (LSU), Texas Tech University and Northern Illinois University found a link between credit scores and consumers’ personalities.

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U.S. economic recession shifted FICO credit scores

Jeremy Simon

It’s no shock that during the devastating economic downturn, a lot of people went from good credit to bad, as job losses and foreclosures took their toll. But here’s a surprise: According to FICO data, the number of people with excellent credit didn’t fall during the recession — it grew.

“Many people seem to think that everyone’s FICO score must be down these days. However scores have moved in both directions,” says Rachel Bell, senior director of global scoring solutions for FICO.

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Old brochure reveals an age of credit card innocence

Daniel Ray

I’m a history buff, and I work for CreditCards.com, so I got a kick out of finding the brochure whose cover is pictured at right. It shows a bit of credit card history from an innocent time when credit cards were a new concept.

It’s a long story, but I ran across the brochure when cleaning out a house in South Florida.
I just love the wide-eyed look on the face of the stereotypical ’60s woman, pearls and all: Wow! Free money! Little does she know.

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