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Swordmaker accused of taking too many reward points

Jay MacDonald

Comes now one Robert Chat, a 38-year-old maker of swords from (wait for it) Florida, whom Choice Hotels International claims weaseled them out of $48,500 in gift cards from their Choice Privileges rewards program by not staying in its Clarions, Comfort Inns and Econo Lodges.
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Beware, weary traveler: Hotels are hotbeds for credit card fraud

Matt Schulz

Next time you travel, remember this: Hotels are always a hotspot for credit card fraud scams.

Since I’ve spent my share of time traveling over the last few months — for everything from a college buddy’s wedding to a family trip to Disney World – stories about credit card scams at hotels have caught my eye recently. Though the scams feature different clever tactics, each has the same intent: getting a hold of a tourist’s credit card info.

And they all drive the point home that, no matter how tired you are from travel, no matter how crabby your toddler’s being that day, no matter how sunburned you get waiting in line at the water park, you need to keep your guard up when you’re traveling.

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Criminal Charges, XLIII: Lousy guests responsible for credit card theft

Jeremy Simon

In the edition of Criminal Charges, I’ve collected stories of people who turned out to be lousy guests. These visitors stole credit cards by snatching shorts, posing as evacuees to earn hotel stays and demonstrating vacuum cleaners.
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Sleepy Dems swipe eco-friendly, wooden hotel ‘keys’

Daniel Ray

When Democrats leave their convention events in Denver and head back to their hotel rooms, they may have sweeping oratory in their ears, but they’ll be carrying wood chips in their pockets.
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