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Emily’s list: Save your pennies edition

Emily Crone

I had a different topic in mind for this week’s roundup, but then I came home yesterday and checked my mail. Once piece was in a regular-sized envelope but was strangely heavy and textured, so I decided to open it.

It’s from the Children’s Hunger Relief Fund. “Every penny is so important!” the letter claims. “Just 3 cents a day from Children’s Hunger Relief Fund can help provide hope for an African child.”

Oh really? Is that why there are three real pennies glued onto this letter?!?

I’m not kidding. The letter says that three cents is all that’s needed to help a hungry baby, yet they gave me three cents. Three cents that I don’t need, nor do I want; who carries pennies these days, anyway? I would rather they just keep it and give it to the poor starving children themselves! I can’t fathom who thought it was a smart idea to send thousands or millions of Americans several actual pennies each, which possibly cost them more in postage. They should have just saved the freakin’ pennies and given them to the people who actually need them; not the obese Americans who probably just threw the letter away without realizing it even contained money.
Sometimes, one of the challenges in life is to know when to save those pennies. Is that sale really worth splurging on (if it is really a ‘sale’ at all)? Is it worth going into debt for your wedding? Should you sell your goods in a garage sale and make some change, or just give it away to Goodwill? The following roundup of my top 10 favorite blog posts from the past week includes articles that talk about these very topics, in addition to plenty of other tips and trivia on saving money and being smart with your finances. Enjoy!
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