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Getting drunk? DrnkPay cuts off your cards

Jay MacDonald

When you get a little tipsy, do you get a little frisky with your debit or credit card? Lift a toast to DrnkPay, the cleverly named new app that takes the “you” out of “drunk” and lets you limit your…
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Feel powerless over finances? You’re likely to overspend

Kelly Dilworth

People are more likely to spend impulsively if they don’t think they have much control over their financial destiny, new research finds – and my own recent experience lends support to this. Conversely, people who are confident in their ability…
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My ‘No nonsense-spending’ challenge results

Sienna Kossman

My “No nonsense-spending November” challenge has officially ended and while the results aren’t as outstanding as I’d hoped, I managed to save money and learn a lot about my spending habits. I started this 30-day challenge to cut out the…
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