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A shocking development: Gold card made of real gold

Jay MacDonald

What becomes a Eurasian oil oligarch most? Why, the first-ever, diamond-studded Exclusive credit card from Sberbank in Kazakhstan, of course!

Only 100 of Sberbank’s estimated 400,000 Visa Infinite cardholders in the former Soviet republic will be invited to pony up $100,000 — $65,000 for the card itself and $35,000 in mad money — to rock the world’s newest status symbol. Although it lacks a magnetic stripe, the Infinite Exclusive packs a chip for chip-based transactions at retail terminals and ATMs.

That thin slice of wallet bullion comes with plenty of perks, including no late fees, 24/7 concierge service, access to a personal manager, a free iPhone5 and a $250,000 health and life insurance policy. Oh, and the issuer is waiving the initial $2,000 annual fee for those few frugal fence-sitters out there. While here are no immediate plans to offer the card on these shores, surely an American journalist could get one for … testing purposes.

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